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babii steffi '*'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
babii steffi '*

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[25 Mar 2002|12:22am]
11 hugz and kisses give mee love

[24 Mar 2002|11:50pm]
omg my journal is so fuqqqqd up
give mee love

testing everything [24 Mar 2002|11:42pm]
hey hey hey
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G0oD NeWs!!!! [24 Mar 2002|10:32pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

OMG!!!!!!! Guess what!?!?

YaYaY - HeAtHeR aNd KeViN ArE ToGeThEr AgAiN!!!!
wo0t wo0t

* does little bo0gie wo0gie *
(( GiVez HeAtHeR LOTS oF LoVe!! ))

yay! I am so happy for you! bkause i kno you like'd him alot and things with guyz just hasn't been that great and now you two are together! yay! i am so happy for you heather! u juz don't kno ma* now we can bout go on and on about our boyfriends together and how they are so sweet and how blah blah! hehe* yay!!

p/s - mikey still loves me to death.. He was just sick and he like almost threw up! (( ewhiez )). but i had the story wrong and my babi boi still loves mee! oowee! hehe I love him<33 he is the sweetest guy! I don't know how any girl could pass him up^! heh* oo well! I love you mikey.. Can't wait till this weekend!* mwa! =]

4 hugz and kisses give mee love

[24 Mar 2002|05:33pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

hey people..
what's goin on? how was ur day? mine was good.. I woke up to seein mikey in my backyard. heh* unbelieveable? believe it! lol My dad came in my room and goes " Your boyfriend is in the backyard " I was like " wtf " and I went and looked out the window and there he was. Him and Jt was riding on the 4wheeler in my backyard. I was like " omg .. my my boyfriend is *my* backyard". lol funnies huh? ya welp I talked to him for a few minutes but thats it and then they went inside and so did I.

Today was pretty gay I didn't do anything. Just sat around all day. being lazy. It's all good though. but ya I was talkin to mikey today and I thought that he was like mad at me and didn't like me anymore cause I was sittin on the fone with him for like hours and we didnt say anything and then like he goes " can i call u back " I was like " bye " and he jus hung up.And we never do that. We usally say like " i love u " and all that good stuff and even after that we are like " i dont wanna go ". But today was like bad. but I dont know. I don't think he hates me or anything.. hopefully! God, if sumfin happend with me and him.. I'd die. I swear I don't know what I'd do w/o mikey. My life would just be hell. Oh my lordy. I dont even wanna talk bout that happening.

You guyz theres some dumb ass postin in my journal and they are being really stupid about it so im thinkin bout make'n my livejournal friends only im not sure tho.. cuz sum of my friends don't have livejournal so they wouldn't be able to look at it. so ya but im guna go theres nothin else to talk bout. so im bounce'n . x0 love u. bies

xoxo love u

:: givez heather love ::

2 hugz and kisses give mee love

* BoRiNg DaY * [23 Mar 2002|08:44am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey wud up ma? nuthin here.. chillen*
real bored - missin my b0o!

how was ya day tho? mine was GrEat! I got up .. halla'd at my sister cause we were supposed to go to the beach but it was a lil' chilly, so we decieded to go the *mall* but we end'd up goin to international drive. Which was funn! I got a th0ng and some shorts from rue 21. Awies they are so cuteness! Then my sister got mad cause she couldn't find any so she like got a shit load of th0ngs. And then we left there and went to the West Oakz Mall and she got a red shirt to go with this skirt she has that shes gunna wear to church tomorrow. And OMG! i found the *CUTEST* shirt in Chaorlette russe .. But i couldn't get it .. i used all my money. And then we saw Claudia and we talked for a quick second and then we were walkin out to leave and I saw rachel.. heh* shes so cute. and then we left the mall and went to my sisters house and packed Alyssa's bag and took her over to her dadz house and then Heather took me home and I got here and no one was here.. so it SUCKED! and im home alone! and *mikey* is in ocala! im pissed cause now i dont get to talk to him.. ugh. total sadness . but w/e ima go .. cause i think Brian wants me to call him. So im out.. later boo!

xoxo love u

give mee love

* bEaCh * [22 Mar 2002|12:02pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hey guyz whats goin on? nothing here..im jus chillen.. *missin mikey* welp I have been like so buzay have'n LOADZ of funn . . I haven't been able to update and tell ya whats happen'n. so i guess here I go.. it'z gunna be like totally long because Im starting from Thursday - hehe oh wellz*

._.���`�-�* Thursday *: I got up went to school got home, and was just chillen the same ol'e stuff. Then on Thursday night me and my dad got into another one of those big fights and shit and so I went and called my mema to come get me and I went to her house and I was chillen and talking to mikey on the phone and then I went to bed about 1:o0. Then on..

._.���`�-�* Friday *: I got up at 6:o0 and I didn't even get dressed or anything and i just had my pjz on and I went over to my brother's house with my mema because she had to watch Morgan (My brothers new baby) and so we got there and I went to sleep on the couch and she made me move into the spare bedroom and so I did and then I got up about like 12:o0 and I got a shower and everything and I called mikey and I was talking to him for a bit and I got directions to his house - i already new where he lived but I just wanted to make sure yanno? and then I got my dad to come get me and he did and I forgot 2 bring shoes.. *lol* stupid me - but anywayz and then we went back to my house and I couldn't find my shoes and come to find out they were in my backpack. Well then Heather called me and shes likes well we are leaving at like 7:o0 in the morning..I was like what the fuuuqqqq - I jus totally didn't wanna do that. . So I had to sit there and pack before i went to mikeyz and that just totally pissed me off because I was already late and so i packed and I got ready and I found shoes and then I left my house and went to Mikeys house and then I got there and then I went up to the d0or and just walked right in, hehe* he said that they were guna be swimming and that it was okay if i did..and So i did and then I walkd out to the back and they had jus got outa the pool and they came inside and ordered a pizza and we were just chillen on the couch yanno - watching " Bring it on " . LMAO what a ghetto movie, but anyho0 we were just sittin there cuddle'n and they wanted me to get into the pool and I was like " no " cause right at the moment I didn't wanna but oh well and so later Jt went home and Mikey and I went into his room and was laying in his bed watchin " Beauty in the Beast ". That was so cute though, and we were jus layin there and he was holding me and stuff and like AWWWWWW OMG, he started to like rub my nose in a sertant way.... OMG it was like the SAME way my dad used to do when i was little to get me to go sleep, it was cute. Lol and then like later on he asked me to go swimming and i was like noo, and then he asked me again and i was like * ummz * okay lets go.. and hez like u wont do it .. i was like ya huh.. lets go and i went and changed and then i got a towel and we went outside to the back and he turnd on the lights to the po0L and I walked down the stepz and droped my towel and i got in 1st and he was like standing on the steps cause he was like " its too cold, my nuts are guna freeze ". Which I thought was pretty funn but he finally got in, and we were just chillen and he was holdin me in the pool it was cuteness - and we were dancnin.. he like spon me around - it was cute cute cute and then we got out cause we were like guna freeze!*! ahh - and so like we were walking inside and we sat down in his livin room and the rest of the time we jus stay'd in our bathing suitz and chilled. I felt weird though because like i was jus walkin around with my bathin suit on. like it was nuthin.. but its all good. and then we went and lay'd down again cause we were cold, and i was like tired cuz i didnt get to much sleep and so we were layin there and we watched kinda a movie i guess i wasnt paying attetion to it though, and then Keth called and was coming over so we had to get dressed.. so we did and then like he came over with his friend Jeff, and we talked for a bit and then like Ah it was sooo funie when they were leaving cuz liek okay they kept askin if we had fuqq'd yet and i was like nah not yet u kno? and they were like u got condomz and we were like no. but like OMG the hold time.. i had one in my purse .. i forgot tho.. hehe* oppiez! but ya and Jeff ran out to his car and got us one, and he went to hand it to mikey and i stuck my hand out and they are like oo shit she wants it dude and i was jus laughin. i thought the hold thing was jus funnie and hes like well yall call me if anything happends and stuff and then they left and I called Heather and my dad to see what was goin on cuz it was gettin close to like 11 and thats what time my dad was coming to get me and he wouldn't answer the phone! I was like *YES* cuz i wanted to stay the nite and then my dad called and wanted to know if i talked to heather yet and i hadn't cause i was supposed to go to her house after mikeyz cuz we were leavin soo early but i didn't talk to her so i called my dad and he came and got me and so i had to leave mikey.. awies it was sad! I like him a big hug and some kisses* and then he walked me to the door and i was like walkin out the door and i waz like *bye* and so i walked out and i got into the truck and my dad goes.. " ur hair looks messed up " and i was like " cuz its up " and he goes " looks like *someone* messed it up ". I was like thinkin OmG! what the heck..lmao yanno? but ohh well! and then went home and her mom called at like 12:3o and was like Do you know where heather is.. and I was like no..and come to find out she was like at this lil concert thingy that was after the magic game and no one knew she was staying for but its all good and then like i went to sleep and i was like lay'n there and i felt like i could feel mikey holding me still it was soo weird feeling.. but i didn't move cuz i was afraid that the feeling would like go away and so i jus drifted off and feel a sleep. then on..

._.���`�-�* Saturday *: Heather calls me and wakes me up at like 7:o0 and was like are you ready to go!? and I was like WHAT? and she goes were leavin..u better get ur booty over here.. and I was like okay.. and so I got my dad up and was like well heather wants me to come over right now cause they are leaving.. And so he got up and got ready and I got up and got ready. I got online really quick to e-mail mikey and stuf and he was on and had his away message on.. i was like UGH - but then i lefted him an email, and IM and i called his celly and left and CUTE little message for him to hear. After that we " rolled out ". l0l and then we stoped to get * donuts * AHH - my favorite! kRisPy KrEaM DoNuTs- YUMMIES! If you ever wanna make me happy when im sad.. jus give me a kRisPy KrEaM DoNuT - lmao - anyhoo we went to heathers house and i put all my stuff in her car. And we waited on " Gary " heatherz moms boyfriend. and So he got there and we left and went to her moms work with her and droped her off. And Gary drove us around for like 3 or 4 hours while her mom worked and we went to " WAL - MART " OMG! that was soo GhEtTo and HiLLaRioUs!.. - we bought sandelz, shirts, and cameraz. To remind us of walmart and being stupid together - yanno? heh* it was so funniez and then we like left there and we took a picture of Wal- Mart. Because that was our 1st stop and we like had so much funn and we were being all crazy in there it was GrEaT! And then we like left and drove around some more and just chilled, stoped at mc' donalds and then like Heather had to go to the bathroom so we went into her moms work. OMG! talk about HOT guyz.. hello - lol there was some hottayz in there boyyy- lol BUT none as hot as my little mikey! hehe- but yeah and so ya we went baq outside and waited on her mom and he mom got done and so we left and start our journey to the beach!! wo0t wo0t! So me and Heather feel a sleep on the way there and like her mami omg was listen to oldies and like it was SO LOUD me and heather was holding our ears tryin to sleep. and we went threw like 1o0o tolls it was crazy there was like a different toll every mile* but anyways we like finally got there and we couldnt find the house so we were drivin and around and we finally found it and me and heather went inside and started talking and chillen and then we got our bathing suit on and went to the beach and was chillen down there and then we went to the pier and came back and then we got showers and was chillen and we got all dressed up and went down to the pier and we were all chillen and stuff and we ran down the beach and screamed and we saw these lesbian .. n they were like old ladyz it was so nasty. Then we went baq to the pier and saw some hott guyz. And they were like " hey ladies, hows it goin' " and me and heather looked at each other and was like Omg! lmao.. it was funnie tho.. and then we went to the ice cream place and got ice cream and played in the arcade. and then we went to the lil place where the band was playing and saw her aunt and eddie and we were sittin there and we almost got up and started dance'n it was sooo funnnney! omg.. but anyways then we started to walk baq home and we were walkin down the side of the road and not down the beach and like these cars were goin by and one car STOPEd and was like heyy how u doin.. and like heathers aunt goes.. " I DON'T THINK SO!!!! " and the guyz took off, it was hillarious.. but scary. And then we got to the end of the street and we all stood there and decided that me and heather was goin to go this lil place were we could play golf and ride go carts and it had this like big arcade. And then we were like goin to the house but we got inside and decieded to stay home cause it was late and everything. and they didnt wanna take us. So we went to sleep and then on ..

._.���`�-�* Sunday *: We got up at like 7:o0 and we got our bathin suits on and went down to the beach and chilled there till about 4:o0 omg we got soooo tan and like red .. it suckd.. and like we had funn tho! all we did was sit/ layout there. But its all good. And we got back and took cold showers and then we took a hot shower and we could barly like move we were in soo much pain so we just stayed home and didn't go out. When the sun went down me and heather walked down to the beach and decided to call * mikey *. hehe - my lil babi -. then we went back and we feel a sleep and then on..

._.���`�-�* Monday *: We got up and jus layed around all day and watched movies * heather member (( candycane)) lmao hehe - and then we went shopping and heather got some clothes and a bathing suit and then All i got was an ankle braclet and then we went home and ate dinner chilld walked to the beach and called * mikey * and stuff and these 2 hot guyz walked down to the beach and was all tryin to talk to us and stuff and then we like walked back to the house and changed into our bathing suits and ran down to the beach really fast cuz we were guna go skinny dippin but the water was soo cold we decieded not to and we jus ran down the beach topless and we took pictures and everything and later on when it got really dark we got fireworks and ran down the street and threw them into the OcEaN* it was funie they would like blow up and stuff but then we walked back and fell a sleep! and then on ..

._.���`�-�* Tuesday *: Her aunt went to work and we were just sittin there talking about the week. And then we got hungry and decieded to make * cinnimon rollz * lmao that was hillarious! Heather BURNT them! lol! haha and then we like packed a lil lunch for her aunt and walked down to the shop where she workd cuz her aunt works in a barber shop thingy and like does ppl hair. And heather wanted highlights so her aunt started to do her hair and like OMG heathers aunt fuuucckkkkkkdddd uppppp heathers hair .. When heather was done she had ** ORANGE ** dots on her head. And we like left and heather was walking down the street ballin cuz she was soo mad .. omg i almost started to cry with her.. cuz it was sad and then we were walkin down the street and heather called her mom and told her and then like when we got to the house Heather called gary and told him to come get us cuz we were pissed and ready to leave. And so we packed and he was already at the beach so he jus drove over and stuff and we left her aunt a little note and was like - were leaving sorry bye . and stuff and like that started our journey home* Which was really funn cause the hole way home all we did was sing and listen to the radio it was pretty funn! and then we like got to her house and i called my dad to come get me and then we waited for about a few hours and he finally came and I went home!

Anyho0o that's pretty much my little beach adventure! cool huh? lol - yeah well thats all so im out<33 peaCe .. Sorrie it took so long to post but I jus didn't have time and it took a while to type it all and everything.. but ya! later babe<33

14 hugz and kisses give mee love

* DiSnEy * [21 Mar 2002|12:10am]
[ mood | so deep in love<333 ]

hey people, whats going on? Absolutly nothing here just got home from Disney/mikeyz house!<33 awiez but like. . . .

OMG - today - i went to disney with *mikey, linsey, jt and heather. It was so much fun, and all i got to say is that mikey is the most Sweetest, cutest, loving, touching, and well-manner'd guy I know in my whole life. He paid for my ticket to get into Disney,and he bought my lunch. I was like AW. and like we had so much fun.. it was jus amazing. I feel so like confortable being with him!! its like so great. Okay i'll tell you everything. We got there and were just walking around tryin to find food. and then we like got food. and we went on rides and there was this one ride it was like jus a car u sit in and it took you around and showed u everything and like we were sitting there and like we stayed in it for like 2 rounds and the 2nd time. me and mikey were alone in a car by our selfs, and when we went into the dark tunnel I started like lickin his neck, it was cute - and then like all this other stuff happened but i jus don't wanna get into detailz* yall be thinkin im crazy!* but we kissed like every 5 secz. And we held hands or he had his arm around me like totally the hole time.. And i kept grab'n his ass -*he has the cutest lil butt*. it was so ad0rable. and omg! We were sittin there and waiting for Jt, linsey, and heather to go and get on the ride and come off and we were jus sittin on the lil bench and we were kissin and touching and the person that workz there came over and was like "Are yall waiting on someone" and we were like "yeah". and he goes " Well can we tone it done a level" and we were like " um yeah " and like obviously he meant " tone it down a level " because we were all over each other but anyways when it got time to leave everyone left us and went on this one ride and me and mikey sat infront of the castle -you know at night how the castle is all lit up and itz all pretty and went Well me and mikey sat there and was like watching the little castle change colors and the people walk back and forth.. it was great and he goes " stephanie i love u ". And I was like " I love u to". And then we kissed. It was just the most ad0rablest night.OMG then this spanish lady came up to me n him, HoLy CoW. she was talkin soo fast and like crazy crap and were like no? and mikey goes "no habla espanol " and the lady like walked away. it was hillarious! But then we had to go and wait for Heathers mom to come and get us so we could go home and like we were sittin there and me and mikey was alone and Jt and all them were down like at the end and i was like wispering stuff in mikeyz ear and like omg.. u'd have to be there.. And im NOT telling u what I was wispering.. AHHHH! but anywayz we were sitting there it was funie and like they took a pic of us kisssing.. ooowwweee - ah haha - but then like heathers mom got there and we got into the car.and then whole way there me and mikey were all cuddling, and smoochin, and stuff and like I was nible'n on his ear and aw it was just so CuTe!<33 I swear like i jus can't stop touching,kissin, and lovin on him.. he's so like UGH - there is no wordz to explain it.. its jus amazing. but anywayz.. Heathers mom droped me off at Mikeyz house and I got to meet his mommie - awwwwies she so cool. He told me after i got home that she said I was pretty!*hehe* We were talking and shes like take down ur hair (( i had it up cuz it was so hotttt at disney)) and so i took it down cuz she wanted to see like how long my hair is.. and she goes aw its so pretty and i was like its nappy cuz itz been up all day and shes lik noo no its not. and i was like aw thanks and then my dad pulld up and i hugd and kissed mikey and went home! <33 god it was soooo hard to leave him.. I jus didn't wanna. but I had to! Sucks for me and him- ! Anyhoo - Sorrie to bore you with my sappy love dovey stuff. But ohhh yeah! im still working on typeing all my weekend//beach stuff.. I jus haven't had time iv'e been SO busy and SO tired. Like every day this spring break i've got up like before 8:o0. it's so weird. so anyh0o i jus wanted to tell u about my little day! . . Ah it was great!* woo hoo. it tired me out tho.. so ima go to sleep..-->" roll out " . lmao. = peaCe

xoxo love uu*

6 hugz and kisses give mee love

[19 Mar 2002|04:47pm]
hey people!
whats happen'n.. not toooo much just jus chillaxin. you kno.. but ugh.. !!!!!! OMG I HAD SO MUCH FREAKIN FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!! AH it was great! I don't got time to write it all now cuz im fixin to bounce but i promise ill tell you everything! hehe! god i had s0 much fun! I LOVE YOU HEATHER! hehe :].. I missed mikey so much tho.. and i tryed ta call him every nite but it was hard cuz heather got all mad and stuff cuz i jus wanted to talk to him for h0urs so i prolly owe her like 1o0o0o.o0 dollarz for use'n the celly.. cuz her aunt didn't have a ph0ne which was ghetto!! but hey yall im fixin to bounce into the shower and ill chat with ya l8ter and fill u in on EVERYthing! heh

Love u lotz
1 hugz and kiss give mee love

I LOVE YOU <3333 =o\ [12 Mar 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | * LoVeD * HaPpY * JoYfuL * =o] ]

hey b0o what's goin on whodi !? not to much here..im just sittin here listen to a little bit of music yanno the same thing im doin all the time! but hey these are a few poemz i wrote last nite.. and i didn't have time to post them because i didnt get them finish untill about 1:o0 so yeah! but I hope ya like em'.. it took me long enough to write em' and everything. Everyone says oh yeah they are cute and i just think they are plain out *dumb* and aww you know what today i was talkin to mikey and he's like are they to me and i was like " i unno " and hes like " are they, cumm'on u can tell me" and i was like " yes " in this little vioce it was just t0o cuteness!* but yeah here you can go ahead and read them now!

Ever since i met u <33
by: steffi fabaz
Ever since i met you
things haven't been the same
im always thinkin bout you
itz jus mak'n me insane
Ever since I met you
no thoughts of it comin tru
but i knew that i'd love you
that's just what i would do
Ever since i met you
as crazy as it may seem
with every sweet lil glance
you make me fill with gleam
Ever since i met you
I knew we'd be together
either way we'll always stay tru
now never or forever
_ bLah i got stuck but i think im guna
fix that last lil thingy cause it sounds
a little bit *stupid* & i'll then add more
but i dont know yet.. heehee <33 =o)

here is the other one that i wrote
itz a bit sh0rt but it's all g0od riight?

I love the way - <33
by: steffii fabaz
I love the way you look at me
just as innocent as can be
I love the way you smile
with the greatest simplicity
I love the way you talk
and the cutest things you say
I love the way you walk
when i see you more each day
I know we'll be together
aLways and forever

wellp that was my little poemz, pretty ghetto huh? yeah well w/e i don't like uu* either.. heh* welp ta nite was another one of thoses nights where me and my dad yell and fight .. but it's all good cause mikey called me and i was all like crying and like over a matter of like 5 minutes I was already giggling at him cause he was being all cute and stuff, and i just love the way everything seems so like prefect when im talking to him, as soon as he called my dad left me alone and freaking everything was all better and it was just amazin* but anyh0o mikey has a game on Friday! uGh! that so sucks cause now i got to wait till 7:o0 to go over to his house cause thats what time he'll be home. But after that im gunna ask my dad if i can just stay the night because I got to go Heather on Saturday anyways so why not just stay at Mikey's it will be easy for me anyways! * gosh im so gunna miss him when i leave. but hopefully i'll live. heh* =o\ <- -that has been my little face like for tonite im always makin it .. ii think its jus [[ adorable ]]. heh* omg everyones sayin Kristina wants to fight me because im going out with her ex boyfriend, well ya know what? Think back to when she went out with all my exz? yeah - there's no reason to be mad at me because of that cause she has done it to me and i was still goin out with the guyz and she just starts talking to em' and the next day they break up with me.. Isn't that crazymess? but like I said I don't wanna like fight about all this, it's jus like really stupid. but yeah anyho0o - im soo bored. OMG i love heather she is like my sister for life i swear! we are going to get our belly button's pierced over spring break .. l0l were gunna be sittin there screaming, it's gunna kick ass tho.. heh* welp im gunna go b0o i'll write back tomorrow hopefully* - xoxo lovee yaa * mwa * buh bie

xoxo <3333 1
[[ stephanie ]]
5 hugz and kisses give mee love

wha's shakin whodii ? [11 Mar 2002|10:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey peoples whats goin on? nothin here.. oh my gosh..mikeyz gettin to me! but like *awwwww* Im always thinkin bout him.. like 24-7 and when im on the phone with him and just can't help to smiLe .. he jus makes me feel all [giggly]. heh* I can't wait till Friday.. it's gunna be so much fun - im guna go to his house and chill and stuff cause im not gunna see nor talk to his sweet lil self for like 3-4 days! omg = that's soo long! I don't know if im guna be able to take it! but oo wellz. I'll like call him for like a few minutes bekause I'll miss him so super duper much<3333*! hehehe - but anyho0o you guyz, I got some pics that im gunna post in here really soon and you can see all my little friendz and stuff and my little babii michael<3 wo0t wo0t - I feel so like hyper I guess you could say!* I dunno why though - * you know what happen today? Heather broke up with Chad? isn't it like unbeLieveabLe bekause they went out for a few months yanno? and she seemed 2 like like him al0t! but oh well she wanted to be with kevin, and now i don't know if they are even gunna go out, but heather will live bekause me and her are gunna fine her a new sexxiier man at the beach!* but hey heather cheer up sweetie ya lifez not ova yet! Theres so many guyz in this worLd hunniz -;- you wouldn't beLieve!<33 I love ya heather! caLL me in the (( am )).. heh* <-- heatha is muh home gurl yo*! hehahe // but hey guyz im guna go.. i'll taLk to ya so0n!

<3 Steffie LoVez uu* <3
|[ mwa ]| xox biee! -;-

give mee love

[10 Mar 2002|11:43pm]

-wo0t wo0t!! how cute<33
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ahh!* hey guyz!! [10 Mar 2002|10:49pm]
[ mood | so loved<3333 ]

Howdy guyz!<333
what's goin on?! nothing here im just sittin here..listen to *country*! heh- [mikey] just got offline! -total sadness- but aw you guyz I really like him!- he's SUCH a sweetie, I swear. We have the cutest convo'z. ((hehe)) I can't wait till this friday and saturday! *I jus can't get him off my mind he'z all i think about now* but anyhoo - how was your day? Mine was great. I got up at 12:o0 ((nice for a sunday)). And I got online talked to my lil sweetie for a bit and then went and layed out got a little tan. The weather outside was so exquisite today. After all of that then I came in at about 4:o0 talked to Mikey again, and then I ate some dinner and did some homework. And Mikey called me and we chit chatted again. And then we got off and my dad used the phone and I got online and i've been on ever since. heh* And I was talkin to Mikey<33 awiez. It was sweeeeet!* Tonight I did my sit upz - go me - go me - lolz Mikey help'd me. lol- anywayz you guyz im gunna go cause im guna listen to my country and then fall a sleep and go to *dream land *. Lol im like such a dork. But it's only because im in a really good mood! yeah but i'll talk to everyone later .. xoxo love ya<33 *muahhh*

xoxo love u bunchez
<33 stephaniez!*

\-\ I love ya mikey \-\

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hii hii = <33 [09 Mar 2002|01:45am]
[ mood | Loved // *SLEEPY* ]

hey guyz what's going on? nothing here just chillen * im so0o tired, i think im gunna fall over and go to sleep! lol.. but like - omfg- tonight was so messed up!!! It first started off * I went to kevins and we got to the movies late at like 7:30 or something. And then when I got there no one was out, they were all in the movies already and so I didn't have anyone to hang out with. And then I walked down to Beef o' Bradyz and was takin to kati and stuff and we went and got some chicken. And then we were eating and eric came and sat down and order food and then Jeff came in and ate and then Mikey came in. LmAo! it was so funny he was all drunk and he was acting so cute . Hehe! and then Mikey and I lefted there and we were walkin around.And Mikey found out that Kristina and Sam were going out and like got all mad and started like saying stuff and so we went to the little Subway to see where everyone was at yanno? cause he was lookin for Sam & Kristina. And then we found em' in B-o-b . and after that pretty much everyone was fighting. I swear it was so gay! Mikey was mad b/c Sam was going out with Kristina..and Sam was supposed to be his friend and all that. and like Mikey and Jt. went at it and I was like standin in the middle of them 2 and that was just crazy. And then like I don't know the hole night was a messed up bigg time! and like Kristina and I aren't talking anymore and im sure that we arent gunna talk for a long time either!! *newayz* after everything clamed down we were all sittin like on the curb and then street and Heather and Emily were like *lets go fight her* and stuff it was funny, they are pretty cool. And then like we were just sittin there and Emily wanted to know what was going on and like Danielle kept yelling and Emily was like * get her away from me * it was pretty funny, Steven was just standing there like a nerd. & Heather was skateboard'n.. lol that was cute. I can't even stand on a board. but it's all good. and so after that all happened Mikey left with Emily, Heather and Morgan. b/c Chris had already left. And so I was like alright what should I do now so i started walkin with Steven and Shorty. And then Steven Left and Shorty. I don't member what happen to him but I saw Kevin and Jason and was like well your still givin me a ride home right?? and he's like well i don't know ur bein all bitchy and shit and we didn't do anything and then like Kevin goes " just go the hell away stephanie " and I was like thinking wtf is his problem. and then like I turned around and walked away to go use the phone to call my sister to come get me..well the payphone number was like a weird one and so she turned off her cell and i kept callin and she wouldnt answer so i started cryin..cause I was scared all these people were drivin by and there was no one anywhere and they started yellin shit at me and all that. and so I was like OMG what am i gunna do .. and I called my g-ma and she was like okay i'll be there in a few im in my Pjs so I got to change and so I felt bad for her u know? cause she was ready to go to sleep i mean it was like 11:45 .. but then like my dad came to get me b/c he called Heather Hammond wonderin where I was b/c the little thing in ocala didn't last as long as i thought it would so yeah. but then my dad pulled up and i was like wtf..and then my g-ma pulled up right behind him and so i was like OMG!*!* and then like my g-ma followed us home and she came over..and the hole way home im still ballin! and tellin my dad everything that happend and stuff and then I get home and I took two advils cause my head hurt so0o bad!! and then like i had to tell my g-ma what all had happened and shes like *blah blah don't worry it's all right * cause i was like still ballin and then I had to call heather b/c my dad was like call heather she wanted to talk to u..and so i was all yellin/cryin at her and stuff and then i got off and my g-ma gave me a massage and stuff to like make me clam down and then Heather called again and told me to get online because mikey was like worring about me and stuff and so i got online and we were talking and like he was sayin that if i wasnt online by like 12:15 that he was gunna like come get me* hehe isn't that cute? and then like we kept talking and he told me .. oh my gosh .. he goes.. "you know what i like about you that i dont like about kristina" and i was like "what" and he goes "ur hands..cause they are soft and kristina's are weird".. lol I was like awwww.. hehe- but anywayz and then i had to go and he asked me out Right b4 i signed off * he's like "i hate doing this shyt online but will you go out with me?" and i pushed sign off right when he sent it..and so i signed back on and he's like soo and i was like i dunno let me think about it..and hes like ayte and i was like im juss messin *yess* and then we were goin out . jus like that.. heh!* and after that we jus were askin questions and talking and all that g0od stuff! and then he had to go and so he left and i figured that I should do my journal and so here I am! writing in my Journal!* hehe! OMG you know what i remember today, okay in 6th period im a student asst. and i told her that after the 9 weeks are over which is 4 days and i was like well im going to go to the 7th grade computer class and shes like okay that's fine.. I was like okay .. so i basically quit with that jobb.. it was sooo gay though. I hated it. but anywayz..im SO tired!! And my eyes are *red* n *puffy* so im gunna go! I'll talk to ya 2morrow! xoxo loveeeeee u buh biez*! HoPe YoU iNjOyeD thE NiGhT! LMAO! i did. ah yeah.. later peoples

xoxo love ya
buh bye<333

i love uu mikeyz!*

10 hugz and kisses give mee love

[06 Mar 2002|05:46pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey dude.. what's goin on with you?
nmh..jus sittin here listen to my *Adema*
- yeah rawkk on - :x heheheh - im hyper!

Well today was the last day of FCAT! wo0t wo0t* thank the lord! That's a good, because now we can go back to our regular classes and everything. My dad was cooL today. I did a few minutes of FCAT, and then we ate * animal crackers * lmao. It was hillairous though because I have -angel and allyson in there and we were messin around with the crackerz wit was funnyy! and then after that I went to 1st pd and then lunch and at lunch I had to wait in line 4 ever! my gosh. It took so long cause we have all 7th grade + some little 6th graderz but i finally got my lunch and went and ate it and then I walked to class with Jessica + Laura & Roxy. And then we all spill up and went to back to 1st pd cause of the FCAT shit and then after that we went to 2nd which is Science and all we did in there was play jingo - LMAO instead of " bingo " ahh that school is so 'ghetto'. but then after that I walked to the main campus and went to computer class ( how gay ). I wasn't even in my right computer class I was in the 7th grade one b/c im a supposed to be a student ass. for 6th but i wasn't in there today! lol and after that we went home! wo0t wo0t. I was standing there talking to J.D and Jeff comes up and goes "You aren't getting your ticket to the Pop Disator Tour if Blake comes back in time to go". I was like OmFg Are you kidding me!? and so then J.D. was like " don't worry about it. I'll get it for you! " I was like alright thankz * rock on *. Lol that's so my new words * rock on * lmao yeah im dorky so what! yeah but then my dad picked me up and we went to the bank.. but n0o0 he didn't give my money that he owes me which is $$107.59 and he still hasn't gave it to me! what a crock uh' shit. :x welp now im online tryin to fix my livejournal and make it all sexified and stuff but it's not working. . well it is but it isn't because I really want a <33 bLink 182 <33 background and I had one but that was gettin old and I want a new one but I gota go find one and im just way to lazy right now to do that. but hey oh well! I'm going to 'jet'. i'll talk to you later<33

xoxo love u bunchez * later -
rOck on*

ahhh- my fo0ts asLeep and numb!!!

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little questionz*! [06 Mar 2002|07:32am]
Current update on lil' mee!*

cLothes = My red\white\black cheer pj pants, my gray tee, tan bra, lime green th0ngerz!*
make up that im wearin = Eye liner + lipgLoss + eye shadow
how am I feelin? = lonely* in-need of a boyfriend to be hoLd mee!
music that im listen too = Flavor of the week = american hi fi
taste in my mouth = something really good! Im starven!
whats my hair lo0kin like = In one of those little bun thingz
whats annoy'n me = My mouse, and the fact that I cant d/l songs b.c of morpheus!*
what i smell like = sweet pea * from bath and body works
things I should to be doing = sit ups and running laps to lose some weight and get in shape for the beach cause all of this 100 - 104 pounds has got to go
picture on your desktop = bLink 182 | with them makin crazi faces *
favorite band of the moment = * BLINK 182 * <3333
book you reading = Like im going to read a b0ok?
CDz you got in the sound system = Destiny Child + Endenz Crush + Juvenille = Ahh craziness
the sexxi color of ya toes = I just took of the polish cause it was gettin old.. im guna paint them red again though! they are always red ((Has anyone noticed?))
what you got as a refreshment = im fixin to go get some pepsi :]
wha u worry'n about now miss = Am I gunna get fat sittin at the computer all day? and am I ever goin to find a boyfriend?!!? ((pullz out hair))
who you crush'n on now = oMg!@#$ He's aLways on my mind!<33 :x
who's that sexxi celebrity u day dream'n b0ut = Josh Harnett! <33

hehe - wasn't that cutee? :] hehe im crazy!!*
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*hi hi :] [04 Mar 2002|11:51pm]
[ mood | Oh So sLeEpy!* ]

heLLo guyz!* what's goin on? nada here im just sittin here yanno.. Welp today we started FCAT! ugh.. tell me about it.. that's so gay! but it's all good because I have Ms. Williams and shes cool. She gave us *animal crackers* lmao :x and lil babi waters they are ad0rabLe!* haha! welp then after that we had 1st 2nd and 3rd period. which was ghett0o! b/c we didn't really do anything but like play games. But yeah! Well today at lunch.. guess what I did? I sat with *anqel * allison * and Jessica * it was -fun fun- lol. I thought that I should get away from kristina's tabLe it was always so crowded and there was just all guyz and I wanted to be with the *gurlz*. lol. well that was pretty much my day! Aww you know what I did after school today!? I baby sat -:- Alyssa -:- she is so0o cute!! I made $11.o0 toO! hehe! it was so easy! cause shes a go0d little baby! But hey people its freakin 12:o0. I HAVE to go to bed now because I gota get up at like 7:o0! Im make -pancakes- in the morning babay! ohh yess! cheif stephii! lmao .. shaddup! I can cook VERY well thank you.. heh later skaterz

xoxo love uu* bunchez
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[02 Mar 2002|12:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]



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_ eLLo _ [02 Mar 2002|12:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey playa* What's goin on? nada- here im chiLLen!

My night was just boring! like omg okay, me and heather got like stoped by the *po po* cause we like went out of the movie -2- times.. only -2- and he like said we did it more than 4, i was like WHATEVER! I so was wantin to give that man an attitude - Lordy! But he prolly would have arrested me or something. I hate police, they think that they are 'hard shit'. whatever * well we watched || Dragon Fly ||. Which was my 2nd time watching it but like I was still scared..and i'd jump! But it's all good! And then like me and heather went to Beef o' bradyz and we ate. and stuff.. and then like we went out and we were talkin to peopLe'z and then my dad came and got me B4 I CALLED!* ughh what a queer idea, and then heather + kevin + jason + me sat there and talked outisde of the truck and we were figurein out how we were all gunna fit into the truck omg it was crazi! i sat by my dad and then jason sat beside me and then kevin sat beside him and then heather sat on top of everyone and then we all went home all crammed inside that lil truck..ahh it was crazi- and the hole way home we were all like looking at each others muscles and it was funnie cause Heather and I don't have muscles and kevin hardly has any. he only had * bones * <- rite guyz-) and then Jason..o0o0weEe! him and his Sexxxxy body! Lord that chiLd has a *NICE* chest.. lol i was all feelin his sessie chest in the truck. Im surprised my dad didnt say anything! heh* and then we got out to let them out and like we were all comparin tumies and we'd tighten them and be like " feel mine " -- " feel mine ". It was Hillarious! My dad is sittin there like what in the hell are they doing! lol and then we came home and I cLean'd my room and heather was like fallin asleep! and then when I was done I got OnLine and then I was talking to *mandy* + *zach*. And Heather and I were goin to walked to Blakes house BUT my dad was like - g o n e -. We couldn't find him, we went to the neighborz and we went to the next neighbor and he wasnt there and this was like at 12:o0 at night. and we called my bro's house at like 1 and he wasnt there so we were like AH and we couldn't go to bLakes house cause im shure if my dad found out that I just left to go there and walk at like 1;o0 in the morning he'd freakk!! and so then Heather and I watched t.v. and then i was like fallin a sleep and so we went to bed. and then we talked forever cause of Heathers Big mouth.. and then I fell a sleep! And then at like 1o:49 I got up and she was still sleepin and then i went to see if my dad was home and he was sleepin in his big ole' bed and my dog was layin on the bed it was so0o cute! and then I got a drink and came in here and got online and then heather woke up and now were doing my Journal!* lol welp im guna go tho - i'll talk to you laterrr!

xoxo love uu*
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Updatee!* [28 Feb 2002|08:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hey guyz.. hows it going? im doing alrite.. Sorry I haven't wrote i've been busy!

Aww!! Church was soo funn! heh I loved it, I think im going Sunday to..but it all depends! heh* neways-

Lordy child, there has been some crap goin on lately. lol There was like a lil fling type deal with me and mikey ( kristina's ex )- that didn't last long tho cause him and kristina are guna go out again but hey it's all good though because i'll find my hottboy sometime or another. It sucks monkey balls being singLe! I'll live though, Last night I was upset. And I did cry, it was not all about Mikey though, It was more just the fact that I was singLe, and different things that I don't wanna get into. There has been alot of things going on lately and im just gettin flusterated, so every Little thing kinda sparks with me you know what im saying? but ne ways back to * guys * so like all these guyz wanna go out with me..and I just don't wanna hook up with them. Most of them are cute ya, i'll admit that but I just don't see my self going out with any of them, and most of the guys that are in freaking middle school are so so immature, it's not even funny!! But hell, that's life yanno!? so whatever. I'll be okay. I always am..at least that's what you people think..ha*!

Anyhoo, are you going to Sam and Micth's 14 birthday party? I don't know if im guna go, I might.. but it all depends, yanno? I don't really know who all is going though, I know a few peoples but I don't know if im going to feel up to going on Saturday. I'll see though, I really was hoping I could go to the * beach * or maybe the * mall *, I don't know about that either though, LoL I don't know about anything! Like I said it's all good.

You know what!? Brian don't talk to me anymore, I think he seriously hates me. I'll IM him online and he just ignores me, and Im shurely not going to call him because he'd just hang up on me prob. or something. And like Friday at the movies, I went with Michael k, Kristina, and Brian, and that kid didn't even sit by me. I was like ight.. w/e and so me and Kristina moved because we wanted to talk and we couldn't because there was old people around, so we moved and then Brian stayed there, and then he came over to where we were siting later, and like there was like 1 sit beside me and then there was no more, and like Brian sat in the row behind me, and I was thinking okay he really must hate me for something.. because I doubt that he's just sitting there because he wants to.. yanno? but whatever! lol. I don't care anymore!*

Ahh - Cheerleading is going to start pretty soon! yay* heh - Pop Warner is gay, but it's funn*! And I only do it for the compedtion. And like I don't wanna go and do All-stars cause I just wouldn't. It seems I don't know, I just don't think i'd like it. But this year they aren't calling like and telling everyone when it starts, it just goes by word.. or some shit like that.. I was like igh igh so im just guna have my dad call teri and ask her about it cause I don't wanna get left out and stuff, But hey I got to go.. I'll talk to you later!

P.S. im so0o sorry my journaL has been lookin pretty shitty lately, But I promise i'll get it lo0king all cute again and everything! hehe..Oh and, yall - what's up with not leaving me any cute little comments anymore!? I mean hello!! - I really feel the love people! lol Im just messin but seriously.. " holla at me " <- lol !* later guyz!*

xoxo love uu* bunches!
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